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2005-06-03 14:49

Amid gossip Frank Williams' Grove squad risk losing BMW and could opt for a customer Honda V8 supply, it is also being reported that the team owner met with Bridgestone's Hiroshi Yasukawa at the Nurburgring.

Hiroshi-san is also reportedly on the cusp of sealing Red Bull's similar switch, and has also asked fellow Japanese company Toyota to follow suit.

Indeed, Red Bull's Austrian advisor Helmut Marko said a Bridgestone deal would 'make sense' given the new Ferrari V8 contract.

"If Bridgestone want to have more top teams, we are very, very happy about that," Ferrari principal Jean Todt said.

"It is Bridgestone's decision but it will definitely help us. There is nothing in our contract that says they can't have more teams." - GMM

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