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2004-12-10 07:25

The red-hot Mazda3 will be badged as the "MPS", which will in the future become synonymous with sporty Mazda editions.

Although there is still very little info about the car, sources say that the Mazda3 MPS will have a power output of about 150 kW.

Mazda is also considering to make the car all-wheel-drive.

It will also look the part with sporty body trim and 17-inch wheels.

However, before company bosses give the final go ahead for the Mazda3 MPS, they will first see if the 191 kW turbo-charged all-wheel drive Mazda6 MPS is a sales success.

But early indications show that the Mazda6 MPS, which was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. is going to be quite a hit. It is aimed at cars such as Subaru's iconic Impreza.

So, if all goes well the Mazda3 MPS will be launched at the end of 2005 or early 2006.

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