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Top Gear's 'Hamster' coming to SA

2008-01-08 08:09
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    Richard "The Hamster" Hammond joins Top Gear co-presenter, Jeremy Clarkson and South African radio and TV personality Sasha Martinengo for MPH 2008 - Powered by BP Ultimate and in association with DSTV will be taking place at The Coca Cola Dome from 31 January to 3 February 2008.

    In September 2006, the diminutive Hammond (1.70m) suffered a serious brain injury during the filming of a Top Gear Extra insert when he crashed a Vampire Jet car at 464 km/h.

    In spite of being told that he would be hospitalised for 15 months, Hammond returned home after only 5 weeks. He was back behind the wheel of a car by November 2006.

    During December 2006 Hammond rejoined his crew in filming episodes of Top Gear for January.

    On his return episode he was presented with a Lego Model of the Vampire Jet car which he crashed as well as a model of the set complete with presenters and the Stig.

    Fans might recall Hammond crediting Lego for his rehabilitation, stating that it saved his life, and career.

    During that same show Clarkson laconically remarked Hammond would have set the fastest land crash record, but that he would have to repeat it going the other way to make the record count.

    Hammond has found that since the accident his memory has improved, remembering phone numbers and he now enjoys celery. Much to his irritation he is currently only allowed weak lager, so there is little chance of him enjoying local South African beer and wine.

    The return

    Coming back to South Africa for MPH 2008 after the incredible show in early 2007, Hammond will be leaving behind more than just his wife and children but also three horses, four dogs, three cats, a rabbit and several chickens and sheep - something fans of this car fanatic might not know.

    His veritable fleet of cars and motorbikes including the Porsche 911, which according to him is the best thing on four wheels.

    This 38 year old TV presenter started out in radio before landing the lucrative role in Top Gear, he has also presented Crufts Dog Show and even curiously, the British Parking Awards

    Visitors to MPH 2008 - Powered by BP Ultimate running from 31 January to 3 February 2008 - will be treated to antics by all three presenters as they showcase the very best that cars have to offer in the spectacular car theatre shows at The Coca Cola Dome.

  • Tickets are on sale and can be bought through Computicket on www.computicket.co.za or 083 915 8000.
  • Ticket prices for adults are R170 (standard) and R270 (premium) and tickets for children under 12 are R100 (excludes prime time show at 20h00 on Friday and Saturday evening). All prices include Computicket charges.

    CLICK HERE to win tickets to MPH 2008!

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