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Meet the MPH '08 ticket winner

2008-02-06 14:12

BP Ultimate/Volkswagen rally drivers: Hergen Fekken, Jan Habig and Wheels24 winners, Denise and Jaco Erasmus from Polokwane and Douglas Judd.

Denise Erasmus, was the lucky main prize winner in the BP Ultimate/MPH'08 competition hosted on Wheels24 recently. She won the chance to catch the show and meet the Top Gear team this past weekend.

Denise, who lives and works in Polokwane, entered the competition more than 20 times.

"We always watch Top Gear on BBC Prime and when I read on Wheels24 that the presenters would be coming to South Africa and I thought why not enter the competition.

"I also thought that it would be a nice birthday present to me as it was celebrated on 30 January. I honestly did not expect to win it at all."

Her prize was two tickets to see the MPH '08 live motoring theatre and an invitation a gala event attended by Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond and local host Sasha Martinengo.

Her prize also included travel to and from the Coca-Cola Dome and one night's five-star accomodation.

Denise elected to take her husband of six months, Jaco, along for the thrill ride.

"From the first time that I entered I told my husband I would take him along with me if I won. And although I entered on his behalf as well, he said that if he won I might also be his first choice.

"I have to say, the whole show was just excellent. The organisation and entertainment - we could not ask for more. You will definitely be seeing us there again next year."

And were there any concerns that Denise's employer Eskom's load-shedding schedule may have interfered with the night's events?

"You know, they made so many jokes about the electricity and load shedding that evening. I was so relieved that they did not ask if there was anyone working for Eskom - I don't know if I would have admitted to that.

"But my advice to all is, 'Keep your batteries charged and maybe keep a candle handy,too.'"

  • The latest edition of the MPH show was hosted by Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard "The Hamster" Hammond and brought to you by BP Ultimate.
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