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Of parts and service

2004-10-20 09:14

Reports like these are excellent in that the information that a buyer would not normally take into consideration when buying a car has now become an important factor. The report is great, thanks.

However, one factor when looking at costs of service parts was taken into consideration was that the service intervals for different vehicles. For example, in the Hatch segment the Peugeot X-Line 1.4 has a service interval of every 20 000km. There is a free check at 10 000km.

Most of the other vehicles compared have a service interval at either 10 000km or maybe 15 000km.

Would it not be a more honest reflection to inform the public of such and work out the costs of parts marginally to the service interval?

Peugeot uses very high grade spark plugs for instance in order to attain the longer intervals, but for somebody reading this article they are going to assume the car vehicle is going to be more expensive to service in the long run.

Such an article which is well researched, using time and money is rendered invalid by not taking all the factors into consideration. Thank you
Jason Ellis

Wheels24 replies

I disagree with your last line - the research on parts has nothing to do with the costs of services, so how can the parts research be invalid?

That said, yes, you've given me an idea for a story on service costs.

However, the whole thing becomes very obscure given that most of the majors are offering free maintenance or service plans with all but their bottom end vehicles.

And as you say yourself, research can be skewed by such items as long-life spark plugs etc. But thanks for taking the time to write to us.
John Oxley, managing editor

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