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Which major SA city has the worst taxi drivers? Readers respond...

2016-09-29 10:56

READERS RESPOND: Reckless mini-bus taxi drivers are a sad reality of SA's roads. Find out which major province and city our readers believe contain the 'worst taxi drivers' in SA. Image: YouTube


A dashcam captures the moment a reckless mini-bus taxi driver overtakes at speed, loses control and crashes into another taxi in SA. Both vehicles are wrecked in this horror crash.

Cape Town - Earlier in September, Wheels24 published a series of reader videos showing reckless mini-bus taxi drivers.

The videos showed taxi drivers illegally making use of reserved lanes  for buses and cutting off other drivers at intersections.

Understandably, the clips generated a huge response from our readers. 

Homepage poll

Wheels24 ran polls earlier in September, asking readers which major city and province they believe have the worst taxi drivers.

Our polls garnered 52 907 votes. Here are the results:

Jo'burg tops the list

We asked, "Which major city do you think has the worst taxi drivers?" and our vote received 21 897 response.

Unsurprisingly, a total of 15 437 (64%) readers believe Johannesburg has the worst taxi drivers followed by Cape Town (12%), Pretoria (11%) and Durban (10%).

Port Elizabeth and Polokwane each made up 2% of the vote, with 541 and 473 voters respectively.

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Which major city do you think has the worst taxi drivers?

Johannesburg 64% - 15437 votes
Cape Town 12% - 2795 votes
Pretoria 11% - 2651 votes
Durban 10% - 2375 votes
Port Elizabeth 2% - 541 votes
Polokwane 2% - 473 votes

Taxis behaving badly in Cape Town: Why is this 'normal' behaviour?

By major province - 28 634 votes

In terms of major province in SA, the majority of readers believe Gauteng (67%) has the worst taxi drivers with a staggering 19 120 votes.

In second place is Kwazulu-Natal (3851 or 13%) followed by the Western Cape (3531 or 12%).

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Which major province do you think has the worst taxi drivers?

Gauteng 67% - 19 120 votes
KwaZulu-Natal 13% - 3851 votes
Western Cape 12% - 3531 votes
Eastern Cape 5% - 1374 votes
Limpopo 3% - 758 votes

Which province and/or city do you think has the worst taxi drivers in SA? Email us or get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

Readers respond

Carol Broekman: No no no I will not make this greedy bunch rich.

Eduan Hattingh: I am another annoyed Gauteng road user. As the other writers from Cape Town and Gauteng have indicated, we are subjected to daily abuse by Taxi drivers. This said, not all of them are behaving in a bad way, there are a few that stick to the rules of the road.

I drive from the north east of Pretoria on Sefako Makgatho Dr west and have the same thing happening every day. Taxi drivers using the yellow lane and simply forcing their way in at the traffic light in front. This morning a Tshwane Metro Police vehicle drove in front of me and actually let several vehicles cut in front of him. This all happening while some of their colleagues actually tried to police this occurrence at the intersection???? You also see regular vehicle doing the same thing more and more, as they see taxis doing it and getting away with it. There needs to be a lot stricter policing in order to curb the situation. 

Jaco Kruger: They are an absolute danger on our roads they don't care a "F***" about fellow road users it's time traffic police start doing something about the situation.

Daniel Fourie: The N2 between Raapenberg Road and Spine Road (both directions) is downright dangerous at rush hour owing to taxis weaving , tailgating, cutting in without warning and recklessly belting past slow or stationary traffic in the yellow lane.

The authorities seem to be either totally disinterested or scared to take them on and the taxis aggressively bully other drivers with seeming impunity.

Surely a political structure that claims a good governance and law-and-order mandate should also look at these moving violations?

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