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Wheels24 readers choose their perfect two-car garage

2016-09-16 08:39

TWO-CAR GARAGE: Which cars would you pick to form part of your two-car garage? Image: Wheels24

Cape Town - If you could choose two cars to drive for the rest of your life, which duo would park in your garage?

Would it be a sports car and something more practical like an SUV?

Or would you be gung-ho and sacrifice space and fuel consumption for two supercars? 

The Wheels24 team choose their perfect garage: 

Sergio Davids: Range Rover Autobiography and Audi R8 - "One of the best SUVs available mated with possibly Audi's ultimate supercar locally.

"The Range Rover Autobiography is perfect for a weekend getaway and makes a for practical daily drive.

"If you ever have the pleasure of experiencing an R8, you'll soon realise Audi has built a truly special supercar."  

Sean Parker: Porsche Cayman GT4 and Audi RS6 - "Best of worlds as far as I'm concerned. The GT4 is a scalpel and the RS6 a magnificent form of supercar-rivalling pace in an estate package."

Charlen Raymond: Mercedes-Benz GLS 350d and Jaguar F-Type SVR - "The monstrous Mercedes is huge, has seven seats, is relatively frugal considering its size and makes for a great road-trip vehicle.

"As for the Jag; this two-seater makes my garage because of its lunacy, ridiculous amounts of power and the proverbial middle finger it gives environmentalists."

Janine- Van der Post: Kia Grand Sedona and Nissan GT-R - "I have two cars that are opposite ends of the spectrum because 1) I'm a mom, and a 'rugbywife', and 2) still a serious petrolhead with a need for speed and a passion for hot-looking cars.

"The Grand Sedona has sliding doors on both sides, is fuel efficient and comfortable to drive. A great car for my family. And, it has a mega boot.

"I've always been a fan of the Nissan Skyline, so of course the GT-R is a car close to my heart. Having driven the previous model, I was hooked."


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We asked our Wheels24 readers' which cars they would have and these are there responses: 

Fritz Pistorious says: Yeah, we all want a Porsche 911’s, Range Rovers, Rolls Royces or whatever, but the two vehicles below, is in my opinion, the two best practical choices that I will buy if I am forced to only buy two vehicles for the rest of my life, as it opens fantastic options.

1. Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series:
- This is the toughest, less complicated and most capable 4x4 vehicle to tackle the harshest conditions Africa can possibly offer. They even fight wars with this incredible machines all over Africa.
- It is the perfect overlanding vehicle, that is very easy to customize due to it’s shape and popularity and available in SUV, bakkie, double cab & “troopy” for any kind of application.
- It is very capable with rear & front diff locks as standard.
- This is the real Chuck Norris vehicle. All other vehicles are in reality “Barbie” vehicles!!
2.You can laugh, but the Renault Duster 4x4:
- Practical all rounder
- Ideal city runabout due to it’s very low fuel consumption.
- Proven 1.5Dci engine that do service in a lot of vehicles, including Mercedes A Class
- Proven 4x4 system/drivetrain that do service in the Nissan X Trail.

Seelen Naick: My perfect 2 car garage. Really tough but probably: 
1. 1973 Citroen DS Pallas: one of the best cars ever made. Forward thinking and way before it's time. Drives better than most modern cars. Comfortable everyday driver. 
2. Porsche 911: 930 variant. Just for the weekend and special occasions.

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