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Testing centres in Gauteng have extended hours of operation for expired drivers' licences.

On the road during lockdown

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WATCH: Reckless driver almost takes out SA family

2016-07-15 12:58

DANGEROUS OVERTAKE: Faan Oosthuizen and his family escaped with their lives after the pictured Chevrolet Ute attempted an illegal passing manoeuvre. Image: Facebook / Wheels24

Cape Town - Though it is not uncommon to hear about South Africans being confronted with reckless road users, it still sends chills down your spine when harrowing tales of incidents are shared.

Two incidents in 10min

Case in point is what happened to Wheels24 reader Faan Oosthuizen and his family.

Oosthuizen said: "On July 8 around 2.30pm, my wife and I, with our two grandchildren, drove from Sudwana Caves to Sabie and recorded these two potentially fatal experiences within 10 minutes of each other!

WATCH: Reckless SA driver smashes into wall

"The Chevrolet Ute hit our vehicle's rear-end and came to a standstill across the road. As I walked towards the driver, he sped away! Unfortunately, I could not identify any registration numbers on the video."

In the closing seconds of the video a Volkswagen Jetta driver overtakes Oosthuizen on a blind blend, crossing the solid white line.

See video:

Have you had a harrowing experience with a reckless driver(s) on SA roads? Let us know via emailFacebook and Twitter. 

Below are tips on improving safety for all road users:

Where not to overtake:
  • On the left shoulder of the road. 
  • If overtaking can endanger any pedestrians such as in parking areas, near schools etc.
  • Where the vehicle in front is slowing down at a YIELD sign 
  • In blind areas such as bends in roads, corners, near junctions, crossroads, and intersections.
  • Where the vehicle in front is slowing down when approaching a hill or a blind rise
  • If overtaking can create a danger to any oncoming traffic or the vehicle that is being overtaken 
  • Do not begin an overtaking manoeuvre near to the exit that you need to take.
  • At level crossings and stop signs.
  • Takeoffs and construction works.

For more tips on safe overtaking and road safety, visit Arrive Alive.

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