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'JMC Vigus 5 bakkie is #1 in my books': buying against the norm is not so bad after all - reader

2020-05-27 10:45

Charlen Raymond

JMC Vigus 5

JMC Vigus 5. Image: JMC SA

Early this week, Wheels24 reported on five of the most affordable double cab bakkies in South Africa. These bakkies, however, were more leisure orientated.

The list included some familiar names, like the Isuzu D-Max and Mahindra Pik Up, as well as less familiar ones like the JAC T8, and JMC Vigus. One of our readers, Anton Swanepoel, responded to the article, but he made mention of a different bakkie.

While JMC has the Vigus, they also launched the Vigus 5 around the mid-2019. And this is the very bakkie Swanepoel tells us about.

The Vigus 5 has a much better outlook on life than the standard Vigus - in terms of design - but it also carries a bit of a premium over its lesser sibling.

And it was for that reason that we did not add the Vigus 5 to the list.

Would you consider a bakkie like the Vigus 5 over a Hilux or Ranger, and why? Email us.

JMC Vigus 5

JMC Vigus 5. Image: JMC SA

Drawn by the appeal

Swanepoel shares his ownership experience with us. His conclusion, however, might come as a shock. He writes:

I own the Vigus 5, which comes in at only R317 990, with 103kW/310Nm from its turbocharged 2.4-litre diesel engine. This is the first brand new double cab I owned, and I've already covered 6000km.

My previous bakkies were a 2012 Volkswagen Amarok 2.0 TDI (sold on 80 000km), 2010 Ford Ranger 3.0TDCi (sold on 220 000km), and a 2006 Isuzu KB250 DT LE (sold on 260 000km).

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Besides the Vigus 5's price, I was drawn to the overall exterior looks, interior space - especially rear legroom - and engine power. Currently, my fuel return stands on 8.5-litres/100km and the average on 8.9-litres/100km. I was surprised by the service plan of 60 000km/five-years and warranty of 100 000km/five-years - both standard. The transmission needed about 2000km to settle in and to 'feel' confident with every gear change, but we're there now.

The Vigus 5 drives like a bakkie, which was something I had to get used to as I came out of a Land Rover Discovery 3.  

JMC Vigus 5

JMC Vigus 5. Image JMC SA

It remains Chinese

Sure it's Chinese, and some things could be improved on and added. The 'leather/vinyl' seats, for instance, should be substituted with the cloth found in the single cab Vigus, which are way more comfortable. (Our business owns two single cab Vigus bakkies.)

The dashboard, door, and consul panels have a good mix of plastic and soft finishings. Compared to my college's 2018 GD6 Hilux S/C, it has more soft padding and less plastic.

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All the standard full-house features work well, including cruise control - once you've figured it out.

The audio system, with the infotainment touchscreen, is basic, but justifiable given the price. Bluetooth connection is appreciated, but connecting your phone can be tedious. There is no CD player or satellite navigation, however.

JMC Vigus 5

JMC Vigus 5. Image: JMC SA

Recommended bakkie

Accessories also seem to be scarce. But given that the Vigus has some Ford genes, one could try and rig your way out of a scenario.

It is a bit difficult in Port Elizabeth to find on shelf items such as towbar, Canopy etc., however.

I know that some will not agree with the following statement, but the JMC Vigus 5 is rated number one in my books.

From an overall budget experience, I will highly recommend it.


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