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Reader pics: 'Potholes deep enough for pot plants!'

2016-10-06 11:53

WELCOME TO BUFFALO CITY: Disgruntled East London resident Inge van Dordrecht sent us these images of potholes. Image: Inge van Dordrecht

Cape Town - On Thursday, Wheels24 published an article regarding  potholes in South Africa.

Many readers responded and sent images and stories of potholes in their areas.

Below are East London reader responses:

Rod Harris: I have given up trying to phone the Buffalo City Municipality to request them to fill the potholes in three roads around East London that I have to use daily. These roads are littered with potholes. 

The roads are:

  - Mopani Road, Beacon Bay, has about five or six potholes.

  - Blackburn Road in Beacon Bay, is so bad it almost needs a total resurfacing.

  - Greenan Street, Berea, is literally littered with potholes.

  - Rustic Road, Beacon Bay, is filled with massive pothles.

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Inge van Dordrecht: I have been trying to get Sussex road, Vincent, East London, repaired for the past 10 months. Part of the road opposite the driveway is now loose stone. 

In one suburb with homes on the river front in Princess Alice drive, Nahoon, the potholes are deep enough for pot plants to be grown. 

Both these roads need to be re done & resurfaced. 

Herewith pictures of the state of Sussex road in Vincent, East London, and the dreadful potholes in Princess Alice Drive, Nahoon, East London. 

It is virtually impossible to get anything done as my many emails and pleas for this work to be done, have fallen on deaf ears.

Is your local government efficient at fixing potholes? Vote here!

Image: Inge van Dordrecht

Image: Inge van Dordrecht

Image: Inge van Dordrecht

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