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POLL: Fuel price hikes, unroadworthy cars - Here's what readers think the new minister of transport should focus on

2019-06-04 09:38

Leigh-Ann Londt

Fikile Mbalula has replaced Dr Blade Nzimande as the Minister of Transport, who assumed this role in February 2018.

During that time, Nzimande saw both an increase in the December road fatalities and a decrease in the statistics over Easter.

Reducing the fuel price, removing unroadworthy cars from our road - we asked readers what they believe the new transport minister should focus on to improve road safety.

Here's what some of our readers had to say:

Tanja: "It is crucial to get all the amount of trucks of the road or to give them designated times for travel. This issue of having so much trucks on the road would not have happened if government did not mess up the train tender. 

"Way more control should be taken in terms of taxi's driving. They should not be allowed to drive like hooligan's.

"More traffic police on the roads and also camera's in remote area's where people drive like maniacs overtaking cars that are driving the limit on dangerous passes and stretches of road."

W B Cronje: "Almost half of road fatalities are pedestrians, often due to poor visibility. Government should require reflective patches( decals) on outer clothing, especially  shoes- similar to what cyclists wear. 

"Self regulation will not work. This must be enforced by government. Costs will be minimal, but thousands of lives will be saved."

Ian Barnett:

 • Visible traffic policing on the highways

 • Eliminate the practice of taxi drivers renting a vehicle and then operating as a taxi

 • Vigorous driver education in high schools, focusing on proper road behaviour, moral road behaviour

 • Effective law enforcement

 • More severe penalties for infractions such as overloading, speeding in populated areas, ignoring stop signs and red traffic lights

 • Repair potholes speedily

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