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'Our fuel price is not high, government taxes are!' - Readers respond to SA fuel price hikes

2018-05-18 08:00

Janine Van der Post

South African motorists are bracing themselves for yet another fuel price hike. The increase is set to raise the price of fuel to an all-time high. The AA expresses its concerns over the impact of these price hikes on the economy.

Trends are showing that another massive fuel price hike is likely at the end of May. 

The AA says: "Last month's fuel price account was closed earlier by the Department of Energy, resulting in the postponement of a substantial 50% per-litre increase brought on by a weakening Rand and rising international oil prices at the end of April. 
"However, this means the country started the month (May) with a substantial fuel price deficit. In the first half of May, the fuel picture has continued to worsen, with steep oil price rises and ongoing weakness of the Rand against the US dollar."

How are you coping with the steep fuel hikes? Have you been forced to make other travelling arrangements? Email us

South African fuel users are currently facing increases of 74 cents a litre for petrol and 81 cents for diesel.  

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We asked readers their thoughts on SA fuel prices:


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