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Hijacking: 'We screamed and kicked and got away' - reader

2017-05-19 13:52

Natalie Van Dam

BE VIGILANT: Make sure you are observant of your surroundings when approaching your driveway at home, or work. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Hijacking is a common occurrence in our daily lives. Earlier this week Wheels24 reported that the South African Police and Pro-Active SA claims there is one hijacking taking place every 32minutes. This equates to 47 hijackings a day countrywide, and 1416 incidents on a monthly basis.

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Wheels24 reader Natalie Van Dam shares her story with Wheels24:

'A gun and a screwdriver'

Van Dam said: "A friend of mine was dropping myself and kids off at home on Monday (May 15) at 10pm when we (2 women and 3 kids) were attacked outside my house in Constantia Hills by two men (on foot) with a gun and a screwdriver.

"They wanted our bags and the car. We screamed and kicked and managed to reverse quickly and fortunately got away, lighter one handbag.

"We recently received footage from our neighbours which show that the attackers were not on foot and arrived shortly after us in a white VW Citi Golf at 9.56am and that there were three men in total.

"Unfortunately, no number plate or the identification of faces was possible to verify. Hopefully Constantia Hills Neighbourhood Watch CCTV can monitor the Citi Golfs that came in to the area on that day.

"Needless to say, a terrifying experiences for our kids and my friend and I."

WATCH: Quick-thinking Porsche driver outwits armed hijacker

Earlier in May, Wheels24 also reported reported on CCTV footage outside a house in Houghton, Johannesburg capturing the moment a Porsche driver managed to thwart hijackers in broad daylight. 

The video, uploaded by civic group 'Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness' on May 12 shows a Porsche 911 pull into a driveway, travelling a couple of metres behind the sportscar is a BMW 3 Series. The Porsche makes its way to the gate of the house while the BMW stops in the road and then reverses to block the car. 

CICA also posted another video this week showing how being vigilant and observant of your surroundings can help avoiding hijacking situations.


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