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2017-07-31 08:39

Image: YouTube

Cape Town -  Earlier in July, the Cullinan magistrate court sentenced driver Olayori Abdul Bakare to two years imprisonment or accept a fine of R10 000. Bakare was arrested in 2012 for reckless and negligent driving along Moloto drive in Pretoria.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has welcomed the ruling: "In sentencing Bakare the court noted that many people have lost their lives on Moloto road and driver misbehaviour cannot be tolerated. The RTMC believes that this sentence will send a strong message to motorists who continue disregarding the rules of road."

"The courts need to hand down stiff sentences regularly to reinforce the message of zero tolerance to inconsiderate and reckless driving. Too many South Africans die needlessly on the road because of the unacceptable negligent conduct of some drivers."

We asked Wheels24 readers whether they believe the sentencing sends "a strong message" in SA. 

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