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'Getroud met Rugby' producer raves about the best cars he's driven

2017-02-23 07:34

Rudo Van Heerden

I LOVE MY CAR: Television producer Rudo van Heerden says his Mercedes-Benz E220d is all the car he could ever ask for. Image: Rudo van Heerden

Cape Town - 'Getroud met Rugby' producer, Rudo van Heerden, chats to Wheels24 about his love for cars, passion for German cars and the best car he's driven.

Van Heerden said: "After reading the article on the best car I've driven, I would gladly share my car experiences with you.

"I have always been a petrol head and my love for cars caused me to lose a lot of money in the past because I sell them too quickly with a 'too high' mileage. All because of my love for driving. 

Mini S-Class

"Every car I owned, had something special about it and the only one ever to give me problems was the C200. But I finally found my car in the E220d, and I don't think I'll ever be able to drive or feel the same way about a car again.

"After taking delivery of my current car I felt at home on the inside of my mini S-Class. But within the first 5km of driving I realised I have something different here. And I must add that I am the type of guy who ticks almost every box in the optional extra list when I buy a car.

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"Slowly but surely I started to test all the new features it has to offer, but it was a bit too much to understand everything in one go. I was even cautious to use Drive Pilot (the semi autonomous driving option)! But after spending a day with a Mercedes-sent "geek" I was just in awe of what this car can do. 

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"But let's get to the basics.

"The 220d's engine is so refined and inside you will never know it's a diesel. The better part is that the 9G tronic gearbox mated to this engine is just so responsive and tech savvy that I can't imagine how anyone can make a car without it! And the best part is that even though I'm driving at high speeds, sometimes my average diesel consumption is 4.6-litres/100km. And if I hit the open road consumption is between 3.8 and 4.0-litres/100km. How awesome is that for a car this size!

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Tell us your story: What's the best car you've ever driven or owned? Tell us via emailFacebook and Twitter.

Drive me, Pilot

"Let me now tell you the fun part...

"I slowly grew familiar with Drive Pilot and have to confess that I am hooked. I drive between Johannesburg and Pretoria on a regular basis, but with Drive Pilot I can replace the word "drive" with "travel".

A day in the life of a guy traveling from Johannesburg to Pretoria in a Mercedes-Benz E220d:

"After setting off on my journey I join the M1 at the Killarney off-ramp. When on the M1, I move into the fast lane and enter a maximum speed into the car's computer system, adjust the following distance to the car in front and then I am done driving. The car drives itself around corners, stops when the traffic ahead comes to a halt, and it will start driving again after coming to a complete standstill.

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"If the car wants to "know" that I am still alive, it will ask me just to touch the steering wheel. I then just tap it with my knee. No stress and no fear: just plain comfort in my own car. There have been situations when the car made an emergency stop if a taxi cuts in front of me, but I feel safe knowing that the car "sees" better than I do.

"I do not know what the future holds, but if this is the direction we are going, I can't wait! A car like the E220d will steal your heart the first time you get into it, but only once you understand everything, you will realize that it is indeed the best car you have ever driven and will probably only sell and replace it because the motor plan expired.

Vehicles Van Heerden has owned during the last five years:

  • 2012 Mercedes C200 W124

PERMANENT MARK: Van Heerden still carries the mark of the time his 2012 C200's airbag deployed. Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • 2014 Range Rover Evouqe SD4

Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • 2014 Mercedes ML250 BlueTec

Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • 2015 Mercedes E200 W212

Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • 2015 BMW X5 30d

Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • 2015 Mercedes C250 Exclusive W205

Image: Rudo van Heerden

  • Currently a 2017 Mercedes e220d Exclusive W213

Image: Rudo van Heerden


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