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2016-08-01 09:54

PJ Laura

INCONSIDERATE: Wheels24 reader PJ Laura says that South African motorists are of some of the most 'inconsiderate in the world'. Do you agree? Image: iStock


A driver uses his car as a battering ram and attempts to run down a fellow road user in this bizarre altercation.

Wheels24 reader PJ Laura responds to reader Dewald's Luce's dash cam footage of inconsiderate drivers on SA's roads.

Johannesburg - South Africans are among the most inconsiderate 'I will stand on my rights' drivers that I have come across in the world. 

No culture of safety

In virtually every other country motorists are, generally, aware of a vehicle that wishes to overtake and make it easy for the overtaking vehicle to do so. In New Zealand, for example, there is a culture of 'let's be safe and considerate' to other road users, which is absent in South Africa.

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Taxis are not the only transgressors. The old man in his brand new, bought for retirement, big car yo-yoing along between 80km/h and 100km/h on a 100km/h road creating a 20-car string behind him is not promoting road safety.

Of course he always drives at 80km/h when there is no opportunity to overtake and when there is speeds up to 100km/h.

It is no surprise when a motorist eventually ends up overtaking him on a barrier line.

If there is video footage of inconsiderate road acts and not viewing the preceding few minutes and knowing the speed of the vehicles involved, I don't believe one can take a view on the culpability of what is being seen.

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Where we live there have been two fatal road accidents on straight roads in good weather that are wide enough for four vehicles abreast.

That the trucks the cars drove into, overtaking illegally, could not move over is just sad.

A person's life is not worth staying in the lane for. Especially not when you could move over into the yellow strip. Of course when it is safe to do so etc. The motorist that cuts the taxi off doing something illegal is also not promoting road safety.

He's only increasing the amount of aggression on the roads. So sad.

Slow down... Don't make sudden and unsafe decisions...

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