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'We're not listening, Sanral'

2013-08-05 11:17

E-TOLL 'RIP OFF': Reader JAMES SMYTHE believes Sanral’s latest claims to be a poor attempt to “charm” drivers into purchasing e-tags. Image: SAPA

In August 2013, Wheels24 reported that South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) claimed 83% of drivers will only pay R100 a month.

Sanral also states that only a fraction of users of the Gauteng Road Improvement Project (GFIP) will pay the maximum monthly cost of using the roads, capped at R450 for those who have registered.

This is what Sanral’s plate recognition system claimed drivers will pay monthly:
• 82.83% will pay less than R100
• 10.10% will pay R101 - R200
• 1.82% will pay R201 - R300
• 0.59% will pay R300 - R450

Wheels24 reader JAMES SMYTHE has some choice words to share with Sanral:

"Just forget it, SA road users will destroy your corrupt scheme and we do not give a hoot for your shady so-called ‘research’. This is merely a last ditch attempt to charm us into capitulating and buying e-tags.

“We know full well that all is irrelevant but the purchasing of e-tags. Your entire business and cash-flow model rests on this premise - instant, cheap cash collection through electronic debits, which can only happen when we have e-tags.

“Ergo, when we have no e-tags and even if we reluctantly pay more per km after you invoice us (see how that goes for you!), you lose!

“We will see this fight to the end!"

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