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'Vultures looking for easy pickings'

2014-02-11 08:58

PUNISHING PARENTS: Wheels24 reader believes that parents do not have a choice when it comes to the chaos of picking up/dropping off their kids at school. Image: SHUTTERSTOCK


Wheels24 reader GEORGE BETTS believes punishing parents who are dropping or collecting their children from school is ‘ridiculous’.

I live next to a school with a junior school opposite the road and a girls' school 200m further up the road - that's three schools near my house.

I think it's ridiculous for the police to issue fines to people that are dropping or collecting their kids; what options do parents have?


I notice that most of the traffic jams are caused by people that refuse to be considerate and allow cars to reverse out of parking bays, thereby reducing the cars able to look for parking.

Cars park on my verge, which is council property and I have no problem with this. The only time I was annoyed was when someone parked in my driveway and left the car unattended. It's only happened once in 10 years.

I know what time to leave the house to avoid the madness. The only time I see the police in my street is during school functions. Those vultures are looking for some easy pickings.

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