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VW Beetle love: Readers send in their pics!

2015-07-17 09:11

CAR CULTURE: Wheels24 reader HERBIE COLLINS owns a 1970 1600 VW Beetle. He belongs to the Aircooled Hooligans South African Chapter. Image: Herbie Collins


Wheels24 reader Gerlach Claassen shared his VW Beetle five-year restoration project. Here's his story and pictures to boot.

CAPE TOWN - Earlier in July 2015, Wheels24 reported that the once ubiquitous Mexican Beetle, synonymous as a taxi in Mexico City, has finally disappeared from the streets.

We asked readers to send us images and stories of their Beetles in South Africa.

You can find all the Beetles mentioned in the stories below in our awesome reader gallery!


GALLERY: Wheels24 readers' VW Beetle pics

Ike Schreiber: "This particular VW beetle was purchased by my dad. He always wanted a Beetle that was not very well looked after - old and rusty - so that he could build it up and make it his own. He bought the Beetle from one of his friends’ son-in-law. He was looking for a buyer and was struggling to find one.

"My dad overheard a conversation about the kid wanting to sell it and my dad made him an offer. After that the Beetle was his! And so it started, bit by bit he fixed her up, from the rims to the seats to the engine etc… Funny thing, as you’ll see in the one of the pictures attached: One day he went to the shops after church and he heard one guy saying to another guy 'geez, that guy must really love his beetle, he’s even dressed in the same colour as his car'. That’s the day I took the picture. But overall we love this little bug."

Michele Coetzee: "These are our babies. This is 'Ferdie' (yes in some circles if you own a classic and it becomes part of the family even they get names) We saved him in 2005 but unfortunately we sold him in 2014 and miss him dearly!

"Now let me introduce you to 'oupa' he got his name cause he is just plain old. We saved him from a muscle-car owner who didn't know a classic if it bit him in the bum so we've been restoring him for a while but this year he will be returning to the tarmac in his new colours and overhauled ticker (engine)."

Brent Hochfelden: "I read that you were looking for stories and pictures of VW Beetles.  Here is mine...

"I have a VW Beetle which my dad bought brand-new in February 1963. He was 20 back then (now 72).  I've rebuilt this car over the last 11 years.  

"It has stayed in our family since 1963 – first owned by my dad and then passed down to me as a student, and then my brother, and then in 2003 it was looking very tired and sad so my wife and I decided to restore it.

"This car has also featured in a UK magazine called Volksworld – also attached find pics.

Jaco Koekemoer: "1968 1500 beetle restored to its original condition, still going strong!"

Quentin Strydom: "I bought my 1958 Beetle in 1999 at the tender age of 13. I bought the car from the original owner in Bloemfontein. I had a small shop on our farm where I sold cold drinks, sweet etc. I managed to pay the balance off in just over a year. I've attached the original sales agreement as well as a pic of the car that I still own. They really are special cars."

Jade Bartlett: Best car ever! I’ve owned my Beetle for almost three years. Such fun little cars. I’m always getting a thumbs-up and hoots for my car (and no, not for my driving). 1968 Model: The speedometer is in miles, made it tricky in the beginning to stick to the speed limit. Proud Beetle Owner

Read about Wheels24 reader GERLACH CLAASSEN's five-year VW Beetle rebuild and view the gallery.

VOLLIE FOLK: Wheels24 reader Joash Soobramanian sent in this picture of his restored VW Beetle. Image: Joash Soobramanian


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