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2013-08-08 07:08


POOR ROAD CONDITIONS TAKING ITS TOLL: E-Tags, e-tolls, gantries and yet the state of our roads are not improving. Wheels24 reader NORMAN CUMMINS believes Sanral is guilty of mismanagement. Image: AFP

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) is a department that only exists to maintain and build roads, though it would appear that as soon as it actually has to do some work it hasn't the budget to do so.

I believe that we are owed an explanation as to where the fuel levy (R400-billion if I’m not mistaken) went between 1994 and 2004. It certainly didn’t go towards housing. If “nothing” was put into roads in the last 25 years and the ANC has ruled for 19 Sanral must only point fingers at itself.


We need an answer as to how vehicle licence fees are spent. When I asked that question of a government representative a few years ago on 702 Talk Radio I was told it was spent on local roads.

Look at the state of our local roads. They are broken, pot-holed, have road markings are non-existent. We have traffic lights that are out of order for weeks. The 185km of road that'sbeen widened and resurfaced was inherited from "the “artheid regime".

How can you neglect the highways for so long then add a few extra lanes here and there and now want to charge people for driving on a road that has already been paid for and that we’ve been using for years?


How many people can honestly say that there has been a lessening of their travelling time? During my morning drive to work I often sit in traffic on a bridge that crosses the N1 between Beyers Naude and Malibongwe. Two years ago there were three lanes of crawling and/or stationary traffic below me, now there are four but it’s still crawling and/or stationary. If I join the N1 at Beyers Naude to drive to Rivonia Road it still takes the same time.

How many highways could have been built if Sanral hadn’t put up 47 “fancy” toll gantries. Do we really need a “fancy” customer service centre at every second off-ramp? Why do we need e-tag shops in shopping centres where rents are high and normally based on turnover?

I believe Sanral is guilty of mismanagement of state funds because it has been proved that an increase in the fuel levy in 2006 could have paid for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project  by now.

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