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Right back at you, Pheiffer!

2013-06-11 13:42

UP IN ARMS: The Killarney race track in Cape Town is in a noise debate by Table View resdients and motorsport enthusiasts. Image: Google Earth

The ongoing Killarney noise debate is up for another lap around the track. Will the back-and-forth debate end or will someone come up with a solution, soon?

The *anonymous Wheels24 motorsport driver has hit back at former Killarney chairman, ADRIAN PHEIFFER's response about the Killarney noise.

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He/she has this to say, once again *anonymously: I expected this kind of reply from the WPMC club. It's my experience that one can never be critical of WPMC without expecting a "talking down".

Pheiffer contradicts himself in many ways. Firstly, it's a circuit. That's how it was designed. Even Pheiffer refers to it as such while discussing the club situation. The race track, or circuit, has been divided into a main circuit, a short circuit (1.6km), stock-car oval and two drag strips (one of which is currently in use).


Also, the historic roots of the club are never disputed. However, Pheiffer and WPMC should move forward, instead of being blinded by romantic history! We are in the 21st century facing 21st century problems. These are the matters at hand, not the fact that some great names had a hand in the development of the club.

The financial motivation remains just that, however much Pheiffer seems to want to discount this. Once again he admits this, perhaps not in so many words: "The circuit brings in a considerable amount of additional revenue in many other ways".

The retaining wall certainly signals the club intentions. However the statement by Pheiffer that construction began "long before there was any real pressure on the WPMC to act" is misleading. A prominent female lawyer from Table View is the reason why the wall was constructed. Through her persistent pressure the club eventually realised that the noise pollution was a severe problem to its neighbours in the making.


It is not, neither has it ever been my intention, to wade into this discussion with the intention to upset anyone. My motivation is to expose the facts behind the reason why Killarney as a motorsport complex is in danger. My motivation is to get all parties to think about a solution and to work together. Like Pheiffer, I also passionately love motorsport. Unlike him, I don't let my heart rule my mind.

Adrian, I urge you to have an open mind and to help find a solution, instead of defending a problem with smoke and mirrors.

Lastly, I am not as ill informed as how I am portrayed, but I respect your opinion. It's really sad that "there's none so blind as they who will not see..." ('Westminster Drollery', 1671).

*The author of this article has requested to continue to remain anonymous although Wheels24 has identified the writer.

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