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Reader's ride : 2005 E46 BMW 325CI

2013-05-14 12:02

SMITTEN WITH PORTIA: She might be heavy on fuel and a bit sluggish to launch but for Kaboi Nghaamwa, his 2005 E46 BMW 325CI is a dream come true. Image - Kaboi Nghaamwa


“What happens to a dream realised? I have always wanted a BMW, specifically a BMW 3 Series coupe.

I bought the 2005 E46 BMW 325CI in 2010. It had 30 000km on the clock. I took my colleague along when I went to collect it from the premium used car dealership.

Upon laying her eyes on the titanium silver car with a red carpet rolled up to the driver’s door and a bouquet of flowers placed on the bonnet, my colleague immediately gave it the name Portia.


I let the name stick and in2012 I googled the name and came across this description: "Portia (Merchant of Venice), on Wikipedia. It states “Portia is one of the most prominent of Shakespeare's heroines in his mature romantic comedies. She is beautiful, gracious, rich, intelligent, and quick-witted, with high standards for her potential romantic partners."

Whichever Portia my colleague had in mind, this one is fitting. In my opinion the very few cars are as ice age cool as a BMW 3 series coupe (which ever model).


The 325ci accelerates from 0- 100 in 7.3 seconds and comfortably reaches its top speed of 240km/hr.

 The 2.5 six-cylinder engine mated to a five speed manual produces 141kw and 245Nm. This normally aspirated engine is definitely not for robot to robot racing. The car feels heavy when pulling away.

I find this car to be most comfortable cruising at speeds on the other side of law enforcement’s requirements, in typical gran turismo (GT) style.

The steering wheel is heavy at low speeds and the clutch is hard. The six cylinder exhaust sound is sweet, but not as glorious as that of a 330i (duh?).

The manufactures claims fuel consumption is a combined 9-litres/100km from the 63 litre tank, although the onboard computer never shows anything less the 10-litres/100km for the combined cycle.

You can travel from Cape to Cairo and back and you still would not have covered the service interval distance of 30 000km.


Safety wise the car has six airbags, ABS and DSC (Dynamic Stability Control)

One of the joys of owning a BMW is the option to exploit its rear wheel drive dynamics, thus I occasionally deactivate the DSC to for that naughty smile-inducing power slide. 

The interior has aluminium trim, a sports steering wheel as well as supportive fully electrically adjustable sports seats and many other extras.

I have done numerous 600km plus trips with three passengers and their luggage, and it was always enjoyable for both passengers and driver. This car is almost as practical as a 3 Series sedan.


With manufactures churning out new models every other year, this 2005 model will continue to get  admiring glances in 2013 and beyond due to its elegant design and strong brand identity.

Portia she is indeed.

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