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Readers: Gauteng rider outrage

2013-08-29 12:15

HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE: A video uploaded to YouTube shows a little girl clinging onto a riders back. The rider can be seen speeding in Edenvale while the girl is wearing a bicycle helmet.Image: YouTube

Earlier in August 2013, Wheels24 reported on video uploaded to YouTube showing a rider speeding in Edenvale, just outside Kempton Park in Gauteng, with a little girl clinging to his back. Shockingly the girl is wearing a bicycle helmet! 

Video: Biker’s joyride puts toddler in danger
In the video, the rider can be seen riding through a red traffic light. The clip ends with photos showing the little girl clinging to the rider. It's not illegal for a child to be riding pillion on a bike, it's however a punishable offence to use a bicycle helmet instead of standard rider gear.

Wheels24 received several emails and tweets regarding the video. Understandably, the majority of the our readers were outraged by the rider's negligence.

Here's what Wheels24 readers had to say:

Andrei Overbeek said: “This guys is a lunatic, he should be tried in a court of law and convicted. His licence should be taken away for life and he should lose custody of the little girl forever. I have a five-year-old daughter and I would give the world for her. This guy is a bloody foolish, low-life scumbag.”

Shalane Thomas said:
“It’s so sad to see how irresponsible he was. Such a scare can make a huge impact on the young girl’s life. I really hope that all is done to punish him for putting a young girl in such danger. He should be exposed as well.”


Marco McDonald said: “Take his away bike and destroy it. I am so fed-up with some bikers who drive from pub to pub thinking they own the road after a couple of drinks and then doing stupid things like this.”

“Shame man, imagine how terrified the poor girl felt? He is an idiot. I hope the rest of the well behaved biking community can do something about this small group of reckless idiots.”

Bettie Kloppers said: “This idiot must be punished.  He was reckless, he just came from a sports bar and possibly rode his bike while under the influence of alcohol. The poor child can’t stand up for herself and he endangered her life.

“It’s people like him that give bikers a bad name. If he has a motorcycle licence, take it away for life. We don’t need bikers like him on our roads. I’m also a biker!”


Leon van Heerden said: “This man may be her father and a bread winner. I would say he must get imprisonment over weekends, followed by many hours of community service.”

Jonique Smith said: “Please give him some sentence. Clearly this fool must be in jail. He had the intention of trying to get an innocent child killed. I’m so furious!”

Kevin Maartens said: “Surely he should be punished. How strong is a three year old girl? How long could she hold on like that?  She was not wearing any protective gear.  He had no problem speeding and did not care if she was terrified or not.

Others called in question the validity of the footage and claimed that the person who filmed the rider should also be prosecuted.


Nmphaphuli99 said:
“I m not sure if the biker was negligent or not. We can’t be sure of the speed he was travelling at. I can say that a fine should be served for the child not wearing a helmet. I can't deny my child riding my bike if I have one just because of public safety. Caution must be applied. Issue him a fine if you’re an official and not a member from the public who hate bikes.”

The Alien tweeted: Where is the rest of the video? I see that the person that filmed the video left out the parts of him speeding to keep up.

Pegenp said: “Who is shooting this video from the car? It looks like it's the driver who also has a child in the car. Is he using a phone while driving? The video gives an indication that it may be him shooting the video and he must also be investigated and fined heavily.

“Look at the position of the camera from inside the car.  I have a feeling he is as guilty as the biker. “

Do you think the rider should be punished? Have you seen other examples of poor behaviour on our roads? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts on Wheels24?

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