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Reader test: VW Citi Golf

2009-09-22 07:35

Rory Lester, Boksburg

When people first hear the words Citi Golf, two things generally come to mind...

Why it is still being made and young punks driving them like idiots, and I would have to agree...

Or would I? This is my first car and when I got it I was very chuffed. A green Citi Golf with a free flow and sound - oh gee, Brakpan, here I come. But hey, I wasn’t expecting a car and this to me was awesome.

I’m sure there have probably been thousands of road tests on this car , or should I say interior tests, because in the past 30 or so years ( wow, this model is outdated) that's practically all that has changed . And, of course, the GTI (guaranteed theft item) mags, those Velociti mags seem to be stolen from everyone who owns one.


The model has been around for ages, so there must be some positives.

Out of all my friends I’m the only one with a Golf and my car is defiantly the fastest off the line. They all seem to think it’s because of my lack of an airbag, power steering and aircon. Personally I say who needs those – I get to go to gym and the sauna on a trip to the shops. (An airbag would be nice, though).

Why haven’t VW put airbags in these cars? Personally, I think it’s because they know most VW drivers think they're heroes and they’ll never crash – I do beg to differ.
The Citi Golf is still sold today because people buy them... They are cheap to maintain and if you drive nice (80 km/h on the highway, free-wheel down hills and change at 2 000 r/min) you get 700 km to the 49-litre tank in the 1.4i. I do it regularly, I’m a student.

You can also pick them up for next-to-nothing and customise them to look like the Queen's palace. At high speeds, they do seem to lack the aerodynamic finesse of a sports car and the wheels do become somewhat light. There is also no ABS , massive understeer, a serious lack of safety and a guaranteed VW logo on the head in the event of a head-on collision.

Like an Alfa!

The good , it’s cheap , it’s fun and it teaches you to appreciate a proper car when you get one. The Citi Golf is like the South African's Alfa - you haven’t experienced driving until you have driven in one.

It's taught me how to service a car and how not to drive too close to the pavement, it’s also taught me to appreciate the little things in cars and turned me into an absolute petrol head. This car should not be made any more, I do agree, but - hey - for a student on a budget with an "I can conquer the world attitude," it's perfect.

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