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Reader test: Suzuki Boulevard

2009-10-21 07:52

Lionel Gaum

The Plunge:
Found myself in a bike store in Pretoria, just browsing then I saw her…. A black Suzuki Boulevard M50 800 with extras. After weeping quietly inside and asking the salesman what the price was, I was sold… took the plunge and very happy I did! She is an awesome machine.

The Bike:
This is a sleek machine. It gets attention where ever you go, she has torque and runs like a dream. Seems the Japs have overtaken the Americans as this bike has little to no vibration. I decided to make her even more appealing by adding a sissy bar and a tank strap which came at a cost, but well worth it. The bike is low, so your feet can touch the ground. The seat is wide, so no issue with comfort, its like sitting back in that Lazyboy and watching your favorite movie!! Riding her makes life good!

The sound:
In the sound department, this bike scores good! On a good morning you can just about wake up the dead. It has a nice solid Thump Thump sound thanks to a set of custom straight through pipes… yes… no mufflers…. NICE!!!

Fuel consumption:
There is no doubt that this bike can be light on juice, but, it begs to be driven enthusiastically as the motor revs smoothly and delivers power with a nice punch for a cruiser. You can expect around 20km/l.

If you want to look good on a bike and not be shaken apart, this is the bike for you. If you buy a bike, you must join a club, I am with VOG (The best!!), nothing beats close to 50 well polished machines riding down the road. This bike will be with me for years to come. So far I have had 4000km put on by me and the odometer is now touching 9000km in total. Next stop…. CAPE TOWN!!!!!


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