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Reader test - Porsche 930 Turbo

2008-09-04 07:28
Porsche, 930

Jacques du Preez

The origin of my passion for petrol fumes stems from a childhood of sports car posters and dreams of fast cars.

At the age of three, unable to read or write but able to distinguish the shapes and sizes of the various makes of cars, I had everyone dumbfounded at my knowledge. My family would tease me by calling a Volkswagen a Mercedes Benz and I would promptly correct them.

As a car and bike enthusiast I have spent many years attending local car events, from Angela’s Picnic to race days at Kyalami. My father alwayshad a soft spot for German engineering; in particular for that of Porsche. So I’m not quite sure whether to scold him or thank him for my love of the German marque.

It has taken a few years of hard work and dedication to the cause before finally, at the age of 32, I fulfilled a boyhood dream of acquiring a pristine 1982 Porsche 930 Turbo.

This 3.3-litre, flat six cylinder turbo-charged beauty has an original mileage of only 61 500 km, which equates to less than 2 400 km a year.

This is a sin as the vehicle is so addictive to drive. Thanks to a factory upgrade on the turbo back in the day, it delivers a decent 225 kW on the wheels.

The short lived turbo-lag with the phenomenal boost is exhilarating as few cars pack a punch as this one does.

Thank you Weissach

The Porsche 930 can only be described as the Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of sports cars. In spite of this, the car is very easy to live with on a daily basis.

Fortunately I have had the pleasure of owning a 1972 Carrera RS 2.7l reproduction and this taught me how to master the art of driving a rear engined, rear wheel drive car with a tendency for understeer under throttle and oversteer as you tap off.

The cost of ownership is also normally overstated as these cars were designed in Weissach and built in Zuffenhausen for one reason and one reason only - to be enjoyed at the limit.

In my opinion it is very difficult to find the same level of driving interaction in the modern cars. They are smooth and beautiful, but they lack personality. They somehow fail to feed the senses as much as what their predecessors do.

Sure, a new M3 or RS4 could lap me quicker as I need to concentrate more around the track, but they don’t offer the same reward. Petrol consumption requires a Richter scale to measure, but so does my grin every time I feel that awesome acceleration.

The best way to spend your money

The other appeal is the interaction that the club has to offer with hill climbs, track days and the concourse. The thing that really amazes me is the fact that the values of pre-1998 Porsches with air-cooled motors are maintained - and even escalate.

So much fun and should I ever sell it (not likely), I'll get more money. What a win! The advice I could give anyone is toinvest your money in Porsches and property!


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