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Reader test: Kia Cerato Koup

2010-12-14 09:03

Andrew De Lange

THE WINNER: Reader Andrew kicked a few tyres before he chose his new "love".

So about seven months ago it was time for me to start looking for a new car. With my previous cars being a Toyota Corolla RXI and a 2005 RunX, the first place I drove to was the Toyota dealership.

I really had no idea what I was looking for – my eye was on the Auris – but I was completely disappointed after my test drive. I was back at square one.

On my way home, I went past the Mitsubishi dealership. I had always been a fan of the Lancer and liked the look of it, so I had a test drive in the 2.0 Lancer but wasn’t over the moon about the car. It was very basic with no trimmings or gadgets, but I found it more appealing than the Auris...

I thought to myself that I would come back next weekend and test more cars, when I drove past a Kia exhibition and saw this bright red mean looking coupe. Never in a million years would I have thought I would find myself making a U-turn to look at a Kia exhibition, but I did… And that’s where I found the car I was looking for, the Kia Cerato Koup.


Even a blind man can see that this car is a looker. It looks extremely sleek and sporty, has 17-inch rims and frameless doors, the works. The car is a beaut and really turns heads. However, it’s always amusing to see people’s faces when they see the Kia badge.


It gets even better; leather seats, MP3/AUX/USB/iPOD, cruise control, climate control, leg room for days in the front and back and a huge boot.


This is the only let down of this car, The 2.0-litre engine kicks out 115kW, which is decent, but there are flat spots. I have the four-speed semi auto with tiptronic and even though the car isn’t a complete slouch, it does lack grunt... In essence the car looks faster than it is.


Weighing up the pros and cons, there are far more pros than cons with this car. I love every second in my car, and considering that I paid R220 000 for it, I know for a FACT there is no other car on the road like it, for the price.

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