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Reader test: Honda Civic

2009-11-02 07:58

Preggie Moodley

My review is on my humble Honda Civic 150i hatchback

Boy racer, hot hatch, German vermin are definitely not some of the metaphors one would use to describe my “rice cooker” mobile. But, when charged with the duties on hand the little Japanese humble-mobile is up to the challenge.

Exactly 18 months ago I was faced with the most despairing event of my life - I had to part with my beloved Audi. The Vorsprung had reached the end of its time and was ready for motoring heaven.

With more than 350 000 km travelled, the old boy was showing signs of dying in my hands and rather to face that rather distressing moment, I decided to trade him in for something down Asia way until my finances could allow me to fly to Germany again.

Stumbled across

I stumbled upon my 2005 Honda Civic at a dealership who was prepared to take old Vorsprung out my hands for a decent penny. Love at first sight was not happening with the Honda. It was bland, Japanese, 1500 and a real hustler's mobile.

The first month was tearful getting used to the less power, useless street cred and the daddy-your-car's-not-cool-enough-to-pick-me-up-from-school lecture.

But it all started making “cents” when the fuel price reached R10 and above; the rice cooker was not draining me out of pocket like my wife’s BMW X3 2.5.  


Vorsprung never averaged above 8 litres from PTA to JHB daily, she was so beautiful in every sense sob… (Audi reference again sorry, the love never stops)

Anyway back to now, the Honda averages an amazing 6.5 litres per 100km in heavy traffic and really hard driving when the road allows me to.

It is not every man's cup of tea, but with the fuel consumption, a full house of accessories and extreme reliability (the Audi had that too), I have little regrets buying the Honda. The bonus is that my kids get to eat take-out irrespective of fuel prices…

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