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Reader test: Honda CRX

2007-11-09 09:06

Nico Boshoff

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer Honda
Model CRX
Engine 1.6-litre, 16-valve, inline-four
Power 97kW @ 6800r/min
Torque 143Nm @ 5700r/min
Transmission Five-speed manual
Zero To Hundred 8.7 seconds
Top Speed 207km/h
Fuel Tank 45-Litres
Fuel Consumption 7.7L per 100km
Weight 899Kg
Tyres 185/60 VR 14
Front Suspension Independent strut type with double whisbone, coil
Rear Suspension Independent strut type with double whisbone, coil
Well, I don't feel I need to say a lot about the legendary Honda CRX, especially for other Honda enthusiasts. This car took our roads by storm in the early 90s and one magazine even referred to it as the baby NSX.

For those that didn't know, CRX stands for Civic Renaissance Model X and it was awarded Sports Car of the Year in 1990.

I bought mine secondhand in 2003 with 115 000 km on it and loved it from day one. The first thing I noticed was its pull in any gear thanks to the great power-to-weight ratio.

Secondly, I noticed that my CRX was actually quite religious.

Every time it rained I got baptised through a leaking sunroof. I later learnt that this was a very common problem with CRXs...

I also have to add, I would advise anyone who's just bought one to place an ad in their back window stating "not for sale". From the first weekend I had mine, I suddenly met a wealth of new friends along the roadside! I was stopped on numerous occasions by people who wanted to know if I was planning on selling my car. I would also find notes under my windscreen wiper...

Performance wise, the CRX easily competed against bigger-engined cars. 0-100 km/h came up in 8.7 seconds, with top end peaking at around 207 km/h.

A big plus for me was the fact that it was economical, whether or not it was hammered. Combined figures in my logbook were around 12 km/l.

Driving it through twists was infinitely rewarding since it really stuck like a go-kart and scored top marks in the handling department.

I drove a 92 Honda Prelude 2.2 automatic, also with 97 kW, before the CRX and it was a completely different car to drive back then. While it was a really nice open-road tourer, it was not as rapid as the CRX through bends.

The real downside of my CRX is that I actually sold it last year. I really miss it and will buy another one at any time. But maybe I should just wait a bit for a Civic Type R or, who knows, there are rumours of a new CRZ coming...

At the time, the CRX was my third Honda. My first one was a 90 Ballade 160i which I bought in 97 with 43 000 km on it. I think by now some people might classify me as a single-minded Honda fan. To be honest, I've loved Honda from the first time I drove a Ballade, but there are lots of other sports cars I admire too.

  • The Honda NSX on the background of the one photo is my brother-in-law's car and this specific one was the actual pace car in the F1 Grand Prix held at Kyalami years ago.


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