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Reader test: Ford Fiesta

2009-11-03 07:37

Muhammad Sheik Oumar

Ford’s have been a part of our family for well over two decades. It started of with an XR3, which was sublime. Its never-die attitude has established a relationship of trust between us and Ford’s products. 

The car is now 28 years old as is still used for commuting on a daily basis. Since the XR3, the family has grown to include a 1996 Ford Escort 1.6i, a 1999 Ford Mondeo 2.0i and, most recently, a 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.6i Titanium.  

So when buying a new car the decision was really easy for us; just go to Ford and choose the colour (thankfully nowadays they come in other colours rather than just black). The quality of their products has been borne-out through all of the cars in our garage. 

The Fiesta

The Fiesta is now seven months old and has done around 10 000km. Thus far it has been genuinely brilliant. The first thing that grabs you is the styling. With its swept-back headlights and short tail, it’s really very athletic in its profile. Overall it imparts a sense of solidity and stability.  

Opening the heavy door reveals an interior that looks as if it came off a space-ship. The fit-and-finish is excellent and everything feels solidly put together. The doors make a nice “thlick” when shut. Once seated, there is plenty of adjustment available from the rake-and-reach adjustable steering, to the height adjustable seat, ensuring optimum comfort and a hint of what’s to come… Twist the key and you are greeted by a roar from the twin tailpipes. 

The best thing about this car is the way it drives. The engine took a while to run-in but it now revs very smoothly and delivers exceptional performance, yet at the same is also refined. 

The steering has real feel, the gearbox feels solid yet shifts with amazing fluidity and all the controls have a weighted feel. The chassis is incredible and the car rides and handles beautifully. All this imparts a great sense of solidity and immense confidence making you feel safe and secure and enables you to control the car with ease. 

These factors as well as the very comfortable and quiet cabin makes you think you are sitting in a premium sedan. The seats, in particular, are very comfy and supportive, yet firm enough to ensure that you don’t get a numb backside over longer distances. Fuel consumption has been fantastic despite spirited driving, averaging around 7.5l per 100km. 

As a whole, the car is great. It has plenty of kit and its looks and driving experience will make sure you never get bored behind the wheel. The sound system is excellent and the Bluetooth and phone functions are very convenient. This has been our best Ford to date and it looks set to continue our affinity with the Ford brand. 

Likes: Build quality, comfort, dynamics, design, fuel economy
Dislikes: Dual-Zone climate control, leather seating and ESP not offered in South Africa   


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