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Reader test: BMW Z4 2.3 S-Drive

2010-03-26 09:26

R.J. MacPherson

So am I waiting or dreaming?

There’s a new Ferrari out. It’s been called the 458 Italia. It’ll replace the F430 which, in itself, was more than a decent piece of machinery. No doubt the replacement will cost a few million rand, and if I had a few million, then I’d be waiting for it.

If I didn’t have a few million, well, I’d be dreaming about it. If the lotto panned out, and my proverbial ship pulls in then we’re back to waiting for it. So which is it? Are we waiting, or dreaming? About cars, that is.

This was the question I had to deal with the other day when a C63 AMG idled up beside me. The owner seemed no less perturbed than me at the endless jam of cars ahead but the petrol-head inside of me started to wonder... Maybe his discomfort is somewhat sweeter than mine. I do mean he’s sitting on 265 kW. 

I’m sitting on 65kW, no wait, 59kW coz I have the air-con on. So when the mess clears up ahead, and he blasts off, I do think he’s better off. Much better off. So while I’m waiting to be rid of this congestion, he is probably dreaming of a road where all the rest of us are nowhere to be found.

Enter the new BMW Z4.

Reality check for the dreamers, start dreaming now. For the waiters? Order yours now and get on that waiting list.

If you’re the shouty kind of driver, and you’re used to screaming at others through your windshield to get out of the way, the new BMW Z4 will teach you a new two letter word. Get out of MY way imbeciles! My mother used to say that the clothes don’t make the person but I’m inclined to say, ( I mean no disrespect) that  a metal folding roof, and six cylinder power does surely add to what makes or completes a fully clad person. 

I had a chat with the BMW guy at a local exhibition and could get no straight answer out of him on what exactly s-drive is. Logic dictates that it could very well be a tricked out differential set-up, but it seems it might just be a new name for rear wheel drive, which comes as no surprise as Bee Em has always remained true to rear wheel drive.

BMW's Z4 2.3 S-Drive sports a 2.5' in-line six, drives the rear wheels via a six-speed manual transmission and goes from 0-100km/h in 6.6 seconds.

The engine, chassis and gearbox somehow work together to produce a “tighter” feeling compared to the old Z4, yet the latter was equipped with a non metal folding roof.

As driving and roadsters go, this Z4 competes with the finest, providing a seat of the pants feeling of exhilaration, excitement and pure driving pleasure. And it doesn’t look too bad either.


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