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Reader test: Alfa Romeo Giulietta

2008-11-06 08:02

Lance Turner

I have never felt as alive in a car as I do in my Guili.

Yes, it's an Alfa, and yes, it has electrical problems, but any true Alfisti knows the joys that an early model Alfa brings to a modern but boring party.

My car has seen its fair share of tools and oil, but as soon as I networked and got the right mechanic to do the jobs properly, it has never given me any problems for at least a year!
I've discovered by Alfas are better than anything else around. Handling on my Guili is second to none thanks to a perfect 50/50 weight ratio seeing its gearbox lying at the rear end on a De Dion axle set up.

I plan to lower the car, but it comes alive in the Cape Town mountains by rushing through the bends at quite remarkable speeds! I've had my heart in my throat quite a few times!

The gear changes are smooth for the car's age, and no, mine does NOT grind!  The steering is very responsive and like ALL Alfas, you know exactly what is happening in front, at the rear and when braking -- it tells you everything!
I swapped the 1.8 for a 2.0 and had some work done on my 40mm Webber carbs and fitted K&N bolt-on filters. The noise is pure racing and the power on tap is amazing! I hit 183km/h on Saturday and the throttle was 70% open! I have a different gearbox in there so the ratios are hectically short, but all the more fun for short, twisty roads.

Mine has the executive spec, so I have semi-leather upholstery and electric windows and mirror and most people always comment on the great interior of the Guili!

The seats are 23-years old, so side support will be looked into, but apart from that, the cloth seats are divine. 
General condition
In general I get looks and waves from Alfa fanatics since the car is in good condition. It has GTV MOMO wheels, but I've polished the lip and sprayed the centres gold; it looks good, you know this!

Other changes are few and far between but hey, the Guili is a true Alfisti's car, it goes well and it never leaves me in the lurch. I have plans to respray it next year when I buy either a 145 or 147 GTA!
Last feelings

Alfa has a bad name in South Africa mainly due to the rust bucket Sud's and poor, poor service from uneducated service staff. I am a die hard Alfa fan by heart, and have learnt that when you treat your Alfa with respect, and it will give you the drive of your life.

This was a 21st gift from my father, who own a GTV 2.0, a Guilietta 1.8 and a 156 2.5 V6 by the way, and I will never sell this car. However, a major change in appearance does await it!
True Alfisti



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