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Reader responds: Young SA drivers

2013-05-02 08:29

THE STATE OF SA’S YOUNG DRIVERS: A survey shows young South African drivers are more aggressive and distracted behind the wheel compared to others around the world. “Seriously? Can we claim to be shocked by the survey results? It really sho

CAPE TOWN - Earlier in 2013 Wheels24 reported on preliminary results from a Goodyear’2012 Young Drivers' Road Safety Survey taken in 16 countries, among them South Africa, and focused on the behaviour of drivers younger than 25.

The survey showed that young South Africans were tops in poor road behaviour, speeding and drinking while driving. It's not all doom and gloom as the survey revealed that our youngsters were tops in checking their tyres.


Wheels24 reader FIONA SEEDAT says she’s not surprised that young SA drivers fared poorly in the survey:

Seriously? Can we claim to be shocked by the survey results? It really should come as no surprise that we are doing badly in the poor road-habits survey. We lose more than 14 000 people to traffic accidents each year and we say the results are a shock?

That's an average of 40 people a day and still we see the cellphone slugs crawling along the middle lane and when you pass them you realise it is not a defective vehicle slowing them down but the cellphone glued to their ear or text message they are reading and replying to.

Then there's the 'blaring hooter presser' who impatiently sits with a hand on the steering-wheel ready to tap out a loud toot should you not move a millisecond after the traffic light turns green.

Here are some other abusers on the road:
  • The 'big bruiser' – Usually driving a massive 4x4 trying to squish your little hatchback into the dirt because his vehicle is bristling with importance and the need for space.
  • The 'line cutter' – Cannot exercise patience by following the queue in the turning lane and instead makes an illegal turn from the wrong lane.
  • The 'teksi' which tries to create a lane through audacity and sheer cheek from the emergency lane or roadside verge.
  • The 'bugger you' bus driver who pulls out into the middle lane after stopping every 200m to drop off passengers at a non-designated point.
  • The 'speed demon' – usually German sedans that weave in and out of traffic lanes to get a slight distance ahead of you, indifferent to the squeal of brakes and near heart-attacks they cause.
Come on, we can't be naive and say we're shocked by these results.

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