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Reader: Try to obey the rules

2012-10-24 07:34

POOR ROAD MANNERS LEADS TO DEATH: Reader Paul May believes that if SA drivers obeyed the rules of the road we would all be much more relaxed while driving.

The attitude of South African drivers is the main cause of fatalities on the country’s roads, says roads and transport department deputy director general James Mlawu.

In reponse to the article published on Wheels24 in October 2012, reader Paul May emailed us to share his thoughts on drivers in SA:

I actually think he is 100% spot on. If people on the road had an iota of consideration for other people, our roads would be much safer. The amount of drivers that disregard the basic rules of road is ridiculous!

A few examples are: not indicated when changing lanes, driving on the bumper of the car in front, crossing solid white lines, not to mention speeding!

People seem to think they can do as they please, but still scream at taxi drivers who do the same. I think we should look at ourselves first before passing judgement on others.

I dare you, try and obey all the rules and you will have a much more relaxed time on the road.


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