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Reader: The poor will suffer

2012-11-02 10:12

TAKING ITS TOLL: Reader Alex Blaeser says the poor will suffer under e-tolling.

Alex Blaeser

After months of delays and talks with goverment, the Gauteng e-toll system will be implemented, the transport minister reported.

We've had many responses to the etolling announcement. Reader Alex Blaeser emailed us to share his thoughts on the Gauteng e-toll plan:

I believe that Gauteng is this country’s biggest income and those that care to provide a service to the economy’s income will be punished by paying more. There is no way that a motorist can claim back on its business travel by using the e-toll route.


Back roads are in a bad state or so busy with traffic, that there will be no way by avoiding the toll road and users will be forced to pay. Our technicians and I use the N1, because our office is situated nearby. To travel to Pretoria, Vereeniging or Brakpan the N1/N3 is used. Call outs have set a time and must be done as quick as possible, otherwise my company will be penalised.

I’ve been staying in Pretoria and for the past 17 years using this road to provide a function toward this country and this Government. It costs me petrol to serve this country and I’m already paying a toll in Bakwena which cuts the Northern Pretoria from the rest.

I also staying next to the N1 and since 2004 have been forced to pay the new toll - more money out of my salary. It costs me R3000 per month to travel to and from work. That’s excluding travelling for the company which also comes out of my pocket and I can only claim back once a month. My vehicle is my tool.

Nobody consulted the road user. I must admit that the more lanes lighten the traffic load, but where does our money go to with all the petrol levies?

Why the capitol of income? This is supposed to be a democratic country, but it looks more like an autocratic communist ruled government that decides for the people yet we have no say. They promise this country a lot of good, but nothing is delivered to the detriment of its citizens.
The poor will suffer first and slowly this once rich province will fail, thanks to tolling. All the money is not even staying in this country. We are making another country rich. Who ever came up with this pathetic idea of implementing this e-toll system?

Only a person that feels nothing for others and using tax payer’s money to use the system, had this stupid idea. That person does not care to pay and probably will never pay. The corrupt Government system will allow him to pass out on this.

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