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Reader: 'So many words, so much anger'

2014-02-18 15:00

COMMON GROUND: Wheels24 reader Lisa Marie Kathleen Sandford says bikers and riders can "voice what the dislike about each other nicely". Image: Shutterstock

Lisa Marie Kathleen Sandford

Wheels24 reader Lisa Sandford says the 'kill a biker' row shows how angry riders and drivers are on our road and that road users 'should think twice before posting about anything.'

Motoring journalist Thegandra Naidoo has been "asked to leave the employ" of ABR Magazine with immediate effect, after making insensitive comments on social media following a biker’s death in a road rage incident.

ABR Magazine announced on Tuesday (Feb 18) that Naidoo has been asked to leave the employ of the company with immediate effect.

The announcement came after the biking community and the general public expressed their outrage on social media due to Naidoo’s insensitive comments on Facebook on February 14. Naidoo's comments were in regard to a biker who was shot and killed in Johannesburg during a road rage incident with a driver.

Wheels24 reader Lisa Sandford shared her thoughts:

So many words and so much anger took this man, without the anger it would never have happened. I feel for both families especially the one who will never see their loved one again.

What a tragedy. Often there are times where I have lost it, but not on the road. Sometimes taking a look and trying to learn something not only from this senseless loss but to also break away from all the aggression. Anyone posting or reading should ask themselves before saying anything, was it worth it? Let it go.

Tragedy beyond words will bring years of hurt and pain, at births, wedding days and matric banquets all destroyed through anger, maybe we should all forget the anger and try to relax.

Riders can voice what they dislike and motorist voice what they dislike nicely. We can both become more aware of each other and instead of teaching our children how to fear teach them how to join hands and live more peacefully!

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