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Reader: Playing taxi-driver Russain roulette

2014-04-14 12:19

LIVES AT RISK: Wheels24 reader Hilton Carroll believes travelling in a taxi is akin to playing ‚ Russian roulette. Image: SAPA

Hilton Carroll

CAPE TOWN, South Africa - The taxi industry will not be regulated anytime soon as the ANC government is reliant on the votes of the taxi drivers and owners.

Whenever any type of corrective action is proposed, the taxi bosses and drivers threaten mass action and nothing is done.


Taxis are exempt from e-tolling, why? So as to have taxi owners pass the cost on to passengers? No, mass action would prevail if they were required to pay.
Taxi's are also exempt from VAT and no doubt the taxi bosses make sure they do not declare their actual earnings to SARS. So the government loses millions of rands in the process but the votes are still there.
Whenever bus or train systems are proposed to ease the daily commute of thousands of taxi users. Mass action is threatened and the plans are shelved and the daily carnage continues. 

I feel very sorry for the commuters who have no option but to use taxis as daily transport. It's worse than being a front-line soldier in Afganistan - at least they have weapons and kevlar armour as protection.

Passengers can only hope and pray they will make to their destination safely. 

It's a game of Russian roulette. What are the odds of being killed or injured?  Better than a one in six chance as is the case in Russian roulette.

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