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Reader: Kill a biker row 'disgusting'

2014-02-18 14:33

IT'S 'DISGUSTING': Wheels24 reader K Simonis says 'some thoughts are best left to yourself in your hateful mind!' Commenting on 'kill a biker row' . Image: Shutterstock

K Simonis

Wheels24 Reader K Simonis asks 'How many road users actually give riders the time of day?" following the 'kill a biker' row.

Firstly it was disgusting that someone no matter the profession can put that sort of karma on any rider. Especially when it is related to an incident of involves losing their life to someones idiotic anger issues.

Motoring journalist Thegandra Naidoo has been "asked to leave the employ" of ABR Magazine with immediate effect on Tuesday (Feb 18), after making insensitive comments on social media following a biker’s death in a road rage incident.


That's hatred and will fall on that person for the rest of their lives... with or without their apology. And it was right in saying why is he still employed? Media sites such as Facebook are personal but it can be seen by anyone and everyone.

Some thoughts are best left to yourself in your hateful mind!

This coming from a motorcyclist. My whole family rides motorcycles. And me being a female motorcyclists knows what its like for riders at times. People paint us all with the same brush that we are "arrogant".

How many people actually give a motorcycle rider the time of day? Not many. It's dangerous on the roads for everyone these days but even more so for someone on two wheels with all these motor vehicle drivers speeding, pushing in, not using indicators, racing and hooting because they have no patience! I work till 12pm every night.

I see how people in cars race around and I probably can't even count on my fingers the amount of times I've been scared off by someone showing off in their car. Because they can and because who am I,  just a little motorcycle rider?

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