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Be vigilant on the road

2013-05-02 09:07

DANGERS OF SHARING THE ROAD: A video uploaded to YouTube shows a rider crashing into two cyclists along California’s notorious Mulholland Highway.


Cyclists face dangers of motor vehicles on a daily basis but it’s not often you see the dangers posed by motorcyclists. Watch as a biker crashes into two cyclists!

Earlier in 2013 we reported on a video uploaded to YouTube showing a crash involving a motorcycle and two pedal-cyclists. The rider, coming around a curve in the Mulholland Highway, California, hit them from behind.

The video shows the rider exiting a corner, straightening up and crashing into the cyclists, causing all three to tumble to the ground. He doesn’t appear to make any attempt to avoid the riders - indeed even surprised to see them there.

The error seems to be down to “target fixation”, a process in which the brain is focused so intently on an observed object that the object cannot be avoided.


Wheels24 motorcyclist Basjan shares his thoughts about cyclists on our roads:

In the five years (90 000km) I’ve been commuting on a motorbike I’ve hit three cyclists as they simply swerved into my line and lane without looking.

One guy did not hear anything because he was wearing headphones.

Stop complaining and become vigilant as ultimately you should first take responsibility for your own safety before expecting others to take your safety into account.

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