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Reader: 300SL - What a dream!

2014-04-29 13:01

PURE BLISS: Wheels24 reader Terry Allan sent in this picture of himself in his 1982 +8 Morgan at Kyalami in Johannesburg and of himself (inset) in a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing.


There are some stunning vintage cars that still remain items of desire today. Recently Wheels24 columnist DAVE FALL wrote about one of the best-looking cars ever made, the 300SL Roadster and some other vintage cars he had spent some money on.

It inspired Wheels24 reader Terry Allan to write in and take a trip down memory lane too:

I too love the 300 SL shape but preferred the Gullwing. It was just so… out there. Totally impractical with about 30cm of sill to negotiate on entry but a wow factor unmatched at the time.


I have a picture of myself sitting in one and I have to tell you, it was a dog to drive and virtually had no brakes. But it took under 10 seconds to reach 100km/h with that many injected cc’s?

I can't believe Mercedes was really trying. Perhaps they were just being honest – unlike Jaguar who claimed 240km/h for the E-type when launched – Huh!? That will be the day!

My four-seater Moggy creamed (Ok, perhaps by about five seconds) an E-Type at old Zwartkops Raceway which was driven by a much better driver than myself!

I think though that perhaps the E-Type won in the looks department. I remember seeing a pic in the Star newspaper at the time it was launched and I thought "No-one would have the balls to make a car that beautiful.” They had – and it was the launch picture!

The Morgan was probably one of the better looking sports cars of the time. I thought so – and I still do love the shape. Thank heavens it hasn’t changed much.
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