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Pump-jockeys: Unions to blame

2013-06-26 07:43



PUMP-JOCKEY WAGE ROW: Wheels24 reader STEPHEN HERBST believes that unions are harmfull in SA.

The Wheels24 report about fuel forecourt attendants looking at a big pay rise caused a furore among our readers - here's how it went down.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) is in a wage dispute with the auto industry after declaring a dispute because employers had not responded to union demands for at least R6000 a month and a R30-an-hour increase for workers earning more than R6000 a month - which would almost double that amount.


Wheels24 received a host of comments from readers, most of whom called for ditching pump jockeys in favour of self-service as used in the UK and USA.

Wheels24 reader STEPHEN HERBST says that SA won’t see the implementation of self-service fuel stations.

“The reason we will never see pump jockeys disappear is due to the fact that, it would completely compromise the five unions and fees to be a part of these unions.

Self service is a first world luxury, we will wait until the cost to fuel our cars is strangling the nation before we realise the damage Unions cause.

Unions are only good for striking and global embarrassment.”

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