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Make truck owners pay, too

2013-09-10 13:08

FATAL SECONDS: The runaway truck ploughs into four taxis and a car in Pinetown, KZN.

Fiona Seedat

I was reading the article about the Pinetown horror crash which claimed 22 lives and see that the truck's licence expired five days before the crash. The driver is now facing charges of murder. This is a good step toward effectively dealing with the absolute carnage that takes place on our roads every day, however it is not enough.


Basic economics means the driver took the job so that he could make money to feed himself. It was not his responsibility to ensure the truck was roadworthy and licensed before he set out on his journey. It was not his decision to send out a truck with an expired licence.


Was he even aware of this? So when will we see charges filed against the real culprits, the truck's owners?

I have stated in a previous e-mail that we will see a change and a decrease in the road fatality statistics when the owners of unroadworthy vehicles face charges alongside the drivers. If they know they will be prosecuted alongside the drivers of vehicles involved in serious crashes they will take preventative action.

So again, when will we see this happen?

With the poor state of the economy and high unemployment, can we in all honesty say the blame rests solely on a negligent driver?

In all fairness and respect to those who lost their lives, make all guilty parties face the courts.
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