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Land Rover Defender: Keep it or can it?

2014-03-13 12:43

Rod Bowes

END OF THE ROAD: Due to government and safety regulations, the venerable Defender line will be chopped. Land Rover announced it will cease production of its iconic 4x4 in 2015. Image: LAND ROVER:

Land Rover is in the midst of a major brand shake-up. Some will love it - off-roading diehards will probably hate it.

The automaker is set to replace its Freelander and Defender.

According to the automaker: "Defender production in its current format will stop at the end of 2015. A replacement will join the Land Rover model range but we have  announced neither the name nor details of the new product.

"The Defender in its current format is coming to an end and we are looking at options."


Wheels24 reader Rod Bowes suggest that Land Rover continues to build its Defender, though on a limited scale:

"We all know the Land Rover Defender is iconic, so why not keep it, even if on a limited scale? Remember the Volkswagen Beetle was very successfully produced in Brazil after the rest of the world had bid it farewell.

"So my suggestion would be to look for those Landy-lovers who still produce millions of parts for the older models and deal with them through a limited edition 110 Defender. It would help create employment, something very important in today’s world.

"This vehicle would be a basic, no frills, does-it-all type of vehicle. Power it with one petrol or diesel engine and one specification. This would help reduce production costs and keep prices competitive. The 4x4 shops would love it as they could dolly it up for all the fanatics.

"Why throw all that intellectual property away when it could keep going for those who love the vehicle? It could be good overall branding for the Landy family."


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