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Getting down 'n dirty on Dads' Day

2014-07-02 10:29

Abri de Bruin

GREAT DAY IN THE DIRT: The Cape Dirt Devils gave off-road enthusiasts a fantastic show on Fathers’ Day (June 15 2014). Some of the events included a tug-o’-war, pictured here. Image: Shaun Engler

While some father’s had to contend with unwrapping yet another pair of socks on Fathers’ Day a few brave fathers celebrated June 15 2014 behind the wheel in pipe cars, buggys and off-road vehicles.

The event was aimed at at pipecar, 4X4 and buggy enthusiast and included a blind-fold challenge, tug-o'-war and time trial challenges around the Zone 7 dirt track on the West Coast near Philadelphia.

GALLERY: Father's Day 2014 Cape Dirt Devils

Wheels24 reader Abri De Bruin tells us more about the Cape Dirt Devils off-road experience on Fathers' Day 2014:


"Considering it was long weekend and the weather conditions, I feel it was a good day at the track.
The commentator was doing a good job and he was keeping the crowd entertained/updated. The Blind driver event was really cool. Play with the idea of doing a lucky draw and get the public to navigate the driver?

The Tug Of War was great but the weather made the ground too soft and the cars ended up digging holes. The Time Track was awesome. Sadly, wet areas made the vehicles struggle. I was lucky to snap the Superman Flying Vehicle! Sorry about the damage to the vehicle but that alone made my day for witnessing it.
The ad hoc spinning, the turning on the main grounds, were nice to view and this helps to keeps the eyes busy while switching between events. The “spectator passenger” was a winner and I  think many will fill those seats in future. I heard from spectators in the stands and they loved it.
Something that needs work to get people to event is advertisement. I know this costs money but a social media platform can work. My friends and I want to join the next one.  Hopefully exposure through pictures will help.
Having the event on a Sunday, will also be a good thing as there are too many motoring events on Saturdays in the Western Cape area.
I really enjoyed the day.  It was a nice venue and event and I even had a great coffee-and-chips breakfast. My wife said afterward, she would rather go and watch this than Stock Cars.

The vehicles go wild all over the track and every turn becomes a show. Keep it up and looking forward to the next one!"
Cape Dirt Devil’s commentator, Ernest Page, said: “Muddy, airborne and loud are three words I’d use to describe my Cape Dirt Devils pipe-car experience.

"Much like me, many of the spectators got to ride shotgun in these mean machines and unlike most motorsports where one has to admire the metal from afar, pipe-car racing gets you muddy and in on the action like nothing else.

“From the blind-folded race to the time trial around the circuit the admittedly small crowd was entertained from the moment the flag dropped to when the final car planted its four wheels back on terra firma.

“Does the sport have potential? I believe it does. If you don’t agree let the Dirt Devils prove you wrong by strapping you in, pointing the car at the nearest blind rise and jump effortlessly towards the horizon.”

One of the spectators participating in the Passenger Ride commented on Facebook: “Man, this was a ride and a half. We flew and flew. We flew approximately 23m through the air, only to crash-land nose first.”

Another Facebook comment read: “My body is sore today but I would do that over again and again, what a rush. Many thanks, I could not ask for a better experience and driver. Can we do it again?”

Photographer David Bolton said: “A first for me but it,was fun! I will most certainly attend in future. People always moan about gate fees but R20 was well worth it.

This type of sport can really take off and attract massive crowds. Its like oval racing in that you see the entire event/race from your seat. The crowd was friendly and I even saw a few familiar motorsport personalities. It was a Fathers Day well spent.


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