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Fourways shoppers: Beware car-jam scam

2014-05-21 11:32

SHOPPERS BEWARE! Wheels24 reader Jan Smit says stealing from cars by jamming remote-control door locks is a regular occurrence at Broadaces shopping centre in Fourways, Johannesburg. Image: Shutterstock.

A Wheels24 reader has issued a warning to shoppers planning to visit the Broadacres shopping centre in Fourways, Johannesburg,, security is almost non-existent.

The reader says he spoke to management at the new Woolworth's store at the centre and discovered that remote-jamming was a frequent occurrence there. On further investigation, it turned out there was hardly any security measures in place.

This is what our reader (a source who wishes not to be named) had to say:

Items were stolen from my vehicle in front of the new Woolworths at the Broadacres shopping centre on Friday May 16 2014. The method used was the remote-jamming technique as there was no forceful entry into my car.


On speaking to Woolworth's management I was told that this was a regular occurrence which the store had taken up with centre management.

I spoke to a gentlemen who refers to himself as 'centre management' by the name of Chris Fick. He confirmed that there were regular instances of this type of crime at Broadacres shopping centre. When I started asking him what security measures were in place, such as the number of guards, he told me "centre management does not manage that" and he could not tell me what the phone number.

How can the management of a shopping centre not know its own security measures? When I asked him what initiatives were in place to improve security he told me there was simply nothing they could do.

I find it unacceptable that a shopping centre such as Broadacres does not react swiftly and with purpose when a known security problem exists. This indicates a clear lack of concern for shoppers' welfare and security.

However, after speaking to the security company, I now know that there is only one security guard allocated to the Woolworth's parking area. He also confirms that the closed-circuit cameras at Broadacres have been out of operation for several months (he estimates four to five months).

Some examples of what is not in place:

   • There are apparently no security cameras outside the shop.
   • There is no access control.
   • There are no visible security guards in the car park.
   • There are no warnings to shoppers about the theft.
   • The yellow-clad 'car guards' are actually trolley attendants

Wheels24 has for two days repeatedly attempted to get hold of the centre management at Broadacres shopping centre for comment. We're still trying...

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Have you been a victim of this crime? Or have you experienced a similar experience at Broadacres shopping centre? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts or use the Readers' Comments section below...

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