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Driverless cars: An end to taxi drivers?

2014-03-13 11:38


RELAX, PUT YOUR FEET UP: A driver poses inside the new Rinspeed XchangE autonomous car at the 2014 Geneva auto show. What would you do inside if you didn't need to drive your car? Image: AFP

On Tuesday (March 13) Wheels24 reported that driverless cars are being tested but might only be in global markets in several years. We asked readers for their opinion...

By the end of 2014 California's Department of Motor Vehicles  must have written rules to regulate cars that rely on computers — not a human — to drive. Draft regulations will be ready by June, possibly altered in response to public comment, and finalised by the end of 2014.

Wheels24 reader CHARLES TIETZE believes there are many advantages to driverless cars and lists some of the ‘laws’ he’d like to see implemented.

Tietze said: “I read your article ‘No-driver cars: Still testing, laws needed now’ with some excitement. Below is a list of advantages for driverless cars.”

1 No more breaking of law - speeding, yellow-line driving, not yielding, poor parking etc.
2 A car that could choose the best route, regardless of user input, based on Google maps and traffic.
3 There would be no need for powerful engines, as sticking to the national speed limit does not warrant the need for power.
4 Vehicles will be tailored to the passenger and become an office, sleep nest or meeting room on wheels.
5 No need to have a driving licence.
6 The vehicle will drive itself to service or to refuel, without driver involvement.
7 NO MORE TAXI DRIVERS, as this market segment (public transport) will grow immensely.
8 Like the Dutch, vehicles such as bicycles are for all to use, bar those who do not insert their destination and credit card.

1 Autonomous vehicles will need to have a designated lane on highways.
2 Vehicles must inform automakers if a service is required as well as the owner. Servicing should become manual if the vehicle is not serviced at proper intervals.
3 Vehicles should track every user input. Cars should have a "black box" and a remote kill-switch.
4 Passengers may not take over manual control on highways.
5 Vehicles must report any illegal incident or input (such as speeding) to authorities.
6 Autonomous vehicle owners and institutions such as vehicle rental companies, should be given financial incentives to purchase vehicles.

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