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What to do if you're pulled over in a foreign country

Nothing ruins a leisurely holiday like an unpleasant run-in with the law. Here's what to do when you get pulled over in a foreign country.

Cape limit: Miquette Calsen

2012-09-05 08:51
Argh! Another blame shifter. The problem is NOT speed. The problem is people ignoring the traffic rules. A car ignoring a red light is still going to crash into you at 50 km/h.

A car that hits a cyclist at 50 km/h can still kill the cyclist since it is rarely the impact with the car the causes death, but the way and area in which the cyclist falls.

Children that run in front of a car will still be hit by said car. The damage may be less with a slower speed, but that will still depend on whether the driver was paying attention to the road and doesn't end up dragging the child.

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And hang on, but HOW are they planning on stopping taxis from jumping red lights, pretending stop streets are only for other motorists. Why is it that in the countries where speed is either not limited or not as severely limited, there isn't more death? There are in fact less accidents and death.

Oh and hang on, while I'm ranting, what about this passenger seatbelt rule? On my favourite topic of taxi road-hogs, this would then technically mean that all passengers in a taxi need to wear safety belts. So no more overloading ... ok that can work.

But I tell you what, you get all taxis to just obey the rules of the road, and all the passengers to wear seat belts and only one seatbelt to a passenger, then I'll slow down. Deal?

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