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Cape Limit: Malcolm James Macleod

2012-09-05 08:51
Driving at 120 is not what causes "accidents".

"Accidents" are caused by negligent and impatient drivers who tail gate, absent minded and unfocused people who change lanes without looking, trucks who are driving in places they shouldn't be at times they shouldn't be, poorly maintained roads and falling apart illegal vehicles.

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There is absolutely no valid study that shows that lowering of highway speed limits will result in a lower "accident" rate.

A move like this is either:
1) An attempt to be seen to be doing something while not actually doing anything, because actually doing anything is hard while merely being seen to be trying is easy.
2) An attempt to make more money from speeding fines.
3) Completely misguided and done without any proper thought.
4) A combination of both of the above.
And is relying solely on playing with the emotions of stupid "do-gooders" who think it would help, it smacks of "oh won't someone please think of the children!!" mentality.

Regardless of which of these it is it is utterly reprehensible and should be treated with the utter contempt it deserves.

I would like to add that lowering the highway speed limit, will likely result in more late and angry people, who will tailgate more and pull more dodgy maneuvers in a misguided attempt to make back lost time. This will lead to an increase in "accidents" the exact opposite of what this law claims to be trying to do.

Unintended consequences can be a real pain sometimes, this is why it is important to actually think things through and not make emotional knee-jerk decisions. Law makers can and should do better than this.

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