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Cape Limit: Kobus Smit

2012-09-06 08:26
I think it is excellent that you take the general road and traffic safety issue so seriously as to propose changes to the bill. I further agree with most of your proposals, bar the decrease of the speed limits as I can see no evidence of how that may affect the real problem – enforcement.

Changing speed limits will:
- Cost an immense amount of money …
- Must still be enforced; something which is not efficiently done with the current speed limits and which really is part of the problem

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My proposal is to calculate the projected cost associated to the proposed speed limit change and to allocate (some or all of ) those funds to enforcement instead. This could include:
- Better training
- More officers
- More equipment

… leading to better enforcement and a guaranteed effect on the issue at hand.

My further proposal is to consider statistics and to address the bigger problem areas instead. By means of example, taxi-related incidents remain a large contributing factor to deaths and continued focus and enforcement will certainly make a difference. You will know best.

Finally: Should you for some reason decide in the end to continue with the implementation of the bill with respect the decrease of the speed limits, I suggest that you stage your implementation and start with decreasing the urban speed limit within the bigger problem areas (refer stats) as a pilot in order to:
- prove your theory in practice,
- adjust enforcement practices,
- to learn from it before implementing the limitation in a next area, and finally
- to decrease the huge immediate burden on budget and cash flow.

Decreasing the speed limit on freeways or national road should be reconsidered and at the very least be the last stage of your implementation …

PS. The above changes to the bill implementation will pacify the public’s reaction and response and will also be a strategy that can be justified.

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