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Littlest Audi gets big makeover

2015-05-18 12:05

AUDI has given the A1 not so much as a mid-year face-lift as the full treatment with a lifestyle diet and chiropracter and fashion remake thrown in to boot.

Despite being the littlest Audi, the A1 range has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. Since its international introduction in 2010, the A1 range has not only become a segment leader, but has also successfully conquested more customers than any other Audi model.

Since its introduction in South Africa in 2011, the Audi A1 has been a great success. Along with its Sportback counterpart, the A1 has sold over 8 700 units locally, outselling its closest premium rival three to one.

The 11 new A1 models will have a three-cylinder TFSI engine emitting less than 100 g of CO2 per km — that is the lifestyle diet.

As for chiropractor treatment, Audi’s smooth S-tronic transmission is now available on all models for gear shifts that will remind you of Hussein Bolt.

The fashion remake includes higher-specification levels which have been included across the range, while new colours and wheel options also allow customers to customise their vehicles further.

Prices for the Audi A1:

1,0T FSI S R265 000

1,0T FSI S-tronic R282 500

1,4T FSI SER298 500

1,4T FSI SE S-tronicR316 000

1,8T FSI Sport S-tronicR382 500

S1 2,0T FSI quattroR452 500


1,0T FSI SR272 500

1,0T FSI S-tronicR290 000

1,4T FSI SER306000

1,4T FSI SE S-tronic R323 500

1,8T FSI Sport S-tronicR390 000

2,0T FSI quattroR460 000


Brutal comfort

2015-05-18 12:05

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